Jumper 218 pro pid

HighwayHighway Club Members Posts: 8
I received several pm's about the pid i use.

Well i didnt use it yet so it was set to stock cleanflight.

It was horrible, it wobbeld all over, P was far to high.

So i did a google search to get a starting point.

Found one ont his site:



So i set these pid and its alot better but i only did a inside hover test.

I was wondering what pid are used by you, so please post them here.

(only jumper 218 pro)

Highway2016-04-03 00:38:34


  • jstremmlerjstremmler Germany&U.S.A.Club Members Posts: 436
    Please tell us first (because this essential) which Cleanflight PID Controller you are using?

    If it is MultiWii (and for starting with Cleanflight this is not the worst choice...), then default values should be ok for starting with a quad:

                   P       I      D

    Roll            4      0.03    23

    Pitch           4      0.03    23

    Yaw             8.5    0.045   0

    Juergenjstremmler2016-04-03 16:28:10
  • HighwayHighway Club Members Posts: 8
    Sorry Juergen but that is not what i asked.

    I dont need help setting it up, just need time to do it.

    Just asked ppl to post there pid (and ofcourse i expected they would include which controller).

    What I used is the multiwii (rewrite) but switching it didnt change it, so i dont have correct pid to post and the controller didnt really matter

    If you have a working jumper 218 pro please post the pid's and controller used.

    Highway2016-04-04 00:01:06
  • jstremmlerjstremmler Germany&U.S.A.Club Members Posts: 436
    Maybe I don't know anything about PID controllers, although I have been for many years mentor for Advanced Control in the whole BP Group.

    But let me ask you a simple question.

    Why do people have to change their PID values for exactly the same copter when switching in Cleanflight e.g from MultiWii to Harakiri or to LuxFloat algorithm?

    (btw your above copy for PID values is from Baseflight and not from Cleanflight....)

    Juergenjstremmler2016-04-04 01:24:13
  • HighwayHighway Club Members Posts: 8
    Juergen the idear was only to share the pids used on the jumper 218.

    Im not going to respond to this anymore it was just a to answer all ppl that asked me in pm.Highway2016-04-04 02:02:00
  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,604 ✭✭✭
    As far as PID's go, you will be very lucky indeed to find ones that will be 'right' for your machine - even if they are from what amounts to an identical one.

    You in fact sent a PM to me, which I never bothered to reply to as it was uninvited. If you want to get answers to things, asking in OPEN forum is the way to get them, and when answered, is to the benefit of everyone in a similar situation. Not via PM's. Forum etiquette and politeness goes a long way.

    And your last sentence really does come across as damned rude!WTWUK2016-04-04 02:07:57
  • __mr e__mr e Club Members Posts: 2
    PID's the default

    change the P from 4 down to 2 in roll and pitch

    that will work fine to start

    if the osd didnt work with VOLTAGE & Current check the dip switches on top of the FC 1&2 on the rest off

    if that still didnt fix it chech its switched on in cleanflight
  • fusion antfusion ant Club Members Posts: 7

    P = 2.0 for roll & pitch on MultiWii(old) works fine with the rest default CleanFlight.

    This was on the 2nd half of my first battery on the new machine.

  • fusion antfusion ant Club Members Posts: 7
    From today's play.

    Roll: P=2.0 I=0.020 D=15

    Pitch: P=2.0 I=0.020 D=15

    Yaw: P=8.5 I=0.045 D=0

    Alt: P=5.0 I=0.0 D=0

    Vel: P=12.0 I=0.045 D=1

    Yaw rate: 0.05

    Using MultiWii(old)

    fusion ant2016-06-26 14:21:20

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