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Hello. I am finishing up my first 250 quad build.. I am using a KK2.1 board and a FlySky i6 system. I have it all hooked up correctly but once in the receiver display on my KK I noticed something is wrong. When I give the controller throttle, it will only go up to 50% then the KK won't show it passed 44. Also, When I give throttle, the yaw function also goes up. The yaw function won't level out to 0 it will stay at -123 unless I put throttle up to 100%. So in conclusion, the yaw stick won't do anything when used and when throttle is given the throttle will go up to 44 and yaw will go from -123 to -1.. The throttle shouldn't be moving both of them.. Please help


  • SydowSydow Club Members Posts: 99
    UPDATE: I have tried calibrating the motors, trying a different kk2.1 booard, switching modes on my controller, I have factory reset both the kk and the remote and still I get the same results. I am new to remotes like this so is there a possibility that there are some settings I need to change because this remote is a 2.4gHz and I am used to 5.8 so if there are setting changes that need to be made I would be unaware of.
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    You probably have an aircraft mix set up in your TX or you are using it in Helli Mode.

    Check that your TX stick config. is set to the mode you assume it is. Should be a TX menu giving you that choice.

    I use AETR but there are several variations. Not a big problem - just means you have to plug M1 - M4 leads from KK2 into different RX channels.

    Don't forget to individually calibrate each ESC to your throttle to teach them the endpoints.

    There is a menu in your KK2.1 that shows the TX stick responses for each channel. From memory they should show -100% to +100% for each control input. This is useful for trouble shooting your TX channel layouts as well.Sooty2016-04-01 05:21:04
  • SydowSydow Club Members Posts: 99
    I did exactly that.. It does what it does before. Pretty much once I power on the kk board it arms automatically because the yaw input starts at -123 and the throttle at 0 so it arms right away.
  • SydowSydow Club Members Posts: 99
    The display on my controller is normal to Mode 2 but once I check it on receiver test on my kk it will still move throttle and yaw with just moving the throttle upwards
  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,610 ✭✭✭
    You have a helicopter swash mix active. You need to have an ACRO model set in the TX.
  • SydowSydow Club Members Posts: 99
    Is there a possibility I received a faulty FlySky i6? I plugged in an old HK controller and it worked fine I am just not wanting to use that remote...
  • SydowSydow Club Members Posts: 99
    I checked though and I have it as an Airplane or Glider setting... I also looked through and there were no mixes set..
  • SootySooty Christchurch NZClub Members Posts: 6,110 ✭✭✭
    If there are definitely no mixes active and you are not in helli mode then you have got throttle and rudder assigned to the same channel - quite normal for Turnigy.

    Chinese stuff comes with some strange and weird factory default settings. I have struck it with both 9X and 9XR transmitters. It is good to see that FlySky are carrying on with the tradition.
  • SydowSydow Club Members Posts: 99
    So am I in need of a new remote? If it's internally a problem then it can't be fixed by me
  • SootySooty Christchurch NZClub Members Posts: 6,110 ✭✭✭
    Yaw (RUD) and throttle appear to be set to same channel. The only way your problem can occur is due to a mix or the TX set to HELLI mode which you say you have eliminated as a possibility.

    Having read the manual I still suspect you are setting your model up in one of the Helli modes.

    The menus you can go wrong in would be the following paras in manual:


    Try 16.05 Model Reset if all else fails.

    If you can manage to set up a 9X to work ok you should find the i6 a breeze to set up.

    It appears to be a fault as I cannot see any way of changing channel assignments in the manual/menus.

    What I would suggest is create a video showing the throttle stick being moved while displaying the menu shown in the manual - "17.03: Display" and post a link to video. You have to turn off Student Mode to see this display.

    If nobody can help you here you can use the video to support an RMA/Replacement request.

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