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Anybinding instructions for the ORX CF720X?

GSFlemingGSFleming Club Members Posts: 2
I just bought the OrangeRX CF720X combination flight controller/receiver for use in my KingKong 188 frame. I was able to update the firmware with Cleanflight and test the motors, accelerometers, etc. However, I cannot find any documentation on how to bind it with my OrangeRX T-Six. I doesn't have a place for a bind plug. Just a bind button. I hold the button and start my TX in bind mode and the lights stop flashing on the receiver like it's bound, but I get nothing in the receiver page in Cleanflight.

Any help would be appreciated.


  • GSFlemingGSFleming Club Members Posts: 2
    After some experimentation, I figured it out. This is the process I went through to get it to bind and properly receive:

    1. Update the firmware with Cleanflight.

    2. With the controller/rx plugged into USB, hold the bind button. You'll need something small like a paper clip or ball point pen.

    3. While holding the bind button, power on the T-Six while holding the trainer switch. (It takes some finger gymnastics, but it is possible)

    4. Wait until the red connection light on the controller/rx stops blinking.

    5. Power off the T-Six and unplug the USB cable

    6. Power on the T-Six and plug in the USB cable.

    Following are the steps I missed, but could never find. After reconnecting to Cleanflight:

    7. Go to the Ports page of Cleanflight and enable the second row Serial RX switch.

    8. Next go to the configuration page and change Receiver Mode to RX_Serial and set Serial Receiver Provider to SPEKTRUM1024.

    I hope this helps anyone else who is having issues. My theory is that this comes configured properly from the factory, but updating the firmware wipes out all of those settings.GSFleming2016-03-23 12:32:57
  • ChromeWolfChromeWolf Club Members Posts: 3
    GSFleming I try your process with my CF720X and my Tx 9XR Pro with any success.

    Can you have any idea of something I can do to bind it?

    Thanks in advance

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