SK450 and KK2.1.5 oscillations, PI very low...

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Hi everyone, first post on the forum!

I bought the SK450 quadcopter with the KK2.1.5 flight controller on December. I am using my old Spectrum DX6i with the AR6200 receiver.

The quad is the ARF version from Turnigy, with the 20A multistar Turnigy ESC and multistar 2213-93S motors (odd that all the 4 motors have the same screw thread! if you don't fix the screws properly you risk of missing 2 of them accelerating)

I finally started to play with it during the last couple of month, due to wind/time/weather constrains before.

I did all the ESC configuration before at home and passed a few time around the settings of the KK controller, including the minimum throttle that had to be set at least at 15, otherwise one of the motors was switching permanently OFF if I was going too low with the speed.

I was quite surprised to see how wobbly it was. I remembered the setup videos I saw before and tried to reduce the PI settings then. It turned out I had to go very low with the PI to get it stable. The problem is that it becomes not just slow, but almost hard to roll and pitch...

So today I went out again and tried reducing the I down to a minimum (the oscillations were quite slow and by looking at the video linked on the manual slow oscillations seems to be related to the I setting) but it still oscillated and had to reduce the P setting to get it stable again, but a little responsive.

It is still a bit more fun to control without the auto-level, but with the auto-level on it is a dinosaur.

I am back home now and decided to re-calibrate the ESCs and go through the settings again, but I decided to ask also for some help here.

Have you got any suggestion?

I will try again asap now that I re-calibrated the ESCs, if there is anything else that you might suggest to try it is welcome.

sorry for the long post image

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