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Taranis plus binding issue

abidin34abidin34 Club Members Posts: 2
Hello to all

My problem cant bind my taranis plus with twoo x8r and one x4r

i will try to explane what i did ;till 2 days ago ewryting was fine.. Then start build new model use other x8r ooopss dont bind try others no way.. then i think firmware problem, download latest firmware from frsky side. bind new way...connect to taranis with usb all files to correct place... flashing olso ok but no.... (all frimware is eu) after hours hours i quit then to day start all ower again new firmware from difrent place..

flashing okay then its bind one x8r and onex4r then i wonder why!!! Because i did use same firmware other internet side and maybe 50 times so i change the my taranis power supply to 3s lippo 2200 mah.and evrythink turn to begining nothing happen and first 2 ones which i bind they are olso not bind anymore..

turn back to nimh battery 7,5 walt nathing no chance to bind them any idea will welcome thank you allready

abidin342016-03-21 03:15:49


  • TheQuestorTheQuestor TXClub Members Posts: 629
    you also need to flash the firmware on your RX's as well with the EU firmware.

  • abidin34abidin34 Club Members Posts: 2
    TheQuestor thanks for answer i olso did with watch same you tube channel and he is firmware from google account was bind twoo of my rx and


    7.5 watt nimh battery to lipo 3s.... after then.... tx not bind at all...Olso first two rx dos not i know firmware in tx and rx okay but somethink with power is wrong because after i chandge power supply binding prosedor is chancelled rx led is red and yellow solid and tx is try to connect but led light is solid nothing happening

    abidin342016-03-21 05:28:18
  • TheQuestorTheQuestor TXClub Members Posts: 629
    the issue is you need to flash the EU firmware to the RXs or they will not bind to the TX that has been flashed with the EU firmware.

    Official Firmware for the X8R

    Official Firmware for the X4R

    This blog explains the issue

    put the battery that came with your Taranis Plus back in and you can use it [your Taranis] to flash your RX's to the proper firmware that will bind with your EU Taranis.

    The main issue is if you flashed an "old" firmware to the RX's they will no longer bind to your TX and since most of the youtube videos are "old" it is quite possible you flashed the wrong version to your RXs

    Also make sure you are powering the RXs with a good 5v source. It is also possible you have a corrupted "model" on your TX. When you bind the RX you should [without power] hold down the bind button then power the RX and the light should blink, then go to the Taranis menu and go to a new model and select bind and the light should stop blinking and go solid which means it is bound.

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