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Hkt6a and flysky programming

MelsyMelsy Club Members Posts: 2
Putting this out there for future users:

I bought the programming Cable and spent 5 hours trying to get it to get drivers installed and working. Even went so far as to install Windows xp. To no avail.

Then I decided to throw it in the trash and buy a new TX.   

But I wanted to see what the cable was made of and found out it use nothing but a TX rx 5v and ground serial cable. I make these all the time with arduino

After some digging I used an arduino I have that I made a ttl shield for and connected right to the TX.but it wouldnt upload settings

Use a ftdi 232 USB adaptor. They will work and work perfect. Reading, uploading, tuning. They are as cheap as the cable and no drivers to mess with.

I just found this sitehere this is exactly what I was talking about with step by step.

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