Trackstar 45A esc voltage cutoff settings

raduzahcraduzahc Club Members Posts: 1
I have recently bought the Desert Fox 1/10 rc car and it comes with this combo of engine and esc. 45

I have a problem with the battery (2cells, 4000mAh) being discharged under the 6V and cannot charge it because of low voltage. I searched for programming manual of esc and programming cards that allow to change the voltage cutoff but could not find anything with that option.

Could you guys advise me on what I should do?


  • DaithiDaithi Belfast,IrelandClub Members Posts: 8,708 ✭✭✭
    If you've let the Lipos drop to lower than 3 Volts per cell you may have damaged them. All you can do normally is to run on time as I don't believe that system has a low voltage cut off
  • airwaveairwave Club Members Posts: 3,563
    not sure if this may help, it is for a 60 amp but the MPU may have the same settings??

    60 manual??airwave2016-03-10 11:41:30
  • swervynswervyn Club Members Posts: 1,313
    put your battery on charge on nimh setting for a short while to bring the cells back up to min 3v. then proceed to balance charge on lipo setting as normal.

    get yourself a low voltage beeper alarm

    you most probably have damaged the battery and will no longer get full performance but will still work ok depending on how low you depleted the cells!

    time will tell, in fact first run will probably tell lol, 1 cell will most likely drain very quickly and set off low voltage buzzer

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