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Taranis Plus Throttle- motor's run independently

Rholt51Rholt51 florida, USAClub Members Posts: 14
I am near the end of my QAV250 build. i have flashed my NAZE32 (rev 6) and have my D4R-II bound to my receiver. when i hook up my controller to CleanFlight (latest Version), and go to the motors, they run like a charm up & down the throttle.


when i start using my Tyranis Plus, and put the throttle on any setting but let's say @ 50 %, the motors will rev up to that point, but then one by one they will independently start slowly running down to VERY slow or reving up to 100%. this is after i have reset the accellerometer (working fine) and the quad is sitting still on my work table.

btw, i thought it may have been the D4R-II receiver, but i put a brand new one on yesterday and it works fine!

does ANYONE have ANY idea what may be going on!??!?!??

any help is appreciated...

frustrated in Coral Springs, Fl, USA


  • DaithiDaithi Belfast,IrelandClub Members Posts: 8,708 ✭✭✭
    Did you calibrate the ESCs ?
  • Rholt51Rholt51 florida, USAClub Members Posts: 14

    No. i did not calibrate the ESC's, but when i run them (motors & esc's) up on CleanFlight, they are accurate to the RPM. I'm new to all of this, so it may not matter if CF runs them correctly.

    Also, i'm not familiar with calibrating esc's.

    Where would i (could i) go to get this done?

    thanks for your quick reply.

    Russ from Coral Springs, Fl USA
  • Rholt51Rholt51 florida, USAClub Members Posts: 14

    i have read a bit on calibrating ESC's. I will do this later on when i get home. itm, i was wondering if my problem with the ESC's (some running up, some running down over a short time i.e. under 30 seconds) would be rectified with a calibration?

  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,511 ✭✭✭
    Yup. Non-calibrated ESC's can cause the symptoms your little beastie is experiencing, but there are other issues that can cause the same problems.

    What ESC's are you using?

    First is make sure ALL the channel centre and endpoints etc. are set perfectly. Variations in those will cause motors to run faster/slower.

  • Rholt51Rholt51 florida, USAClub Members Posts: 14

    thnks for the reply - ESC's:

    DYS BL20A Mini 20A BLHeli"calibrating+ESC's"

    motors: Cobra 2204-28 2300 Kv

    using PPM with my Tyranis & Naze32 rev6

    I'll do this in a coupla hours when i get home.

    really appreciate the feedback. i WILL get back with the results.

    so, so close to completion - it's killing me.

    Russ from Coral Springs, FL USA
  • Rholt51Rholt51 florida, USAClub Members Posts: 14
    so, i know it's much later, but i was out this evening. here's what i got.

    the short answer is that after using both CLI & the CleanFlight methods of tuning the ESC's nothing changed.

    the breakdown is this:

    using CleanFlight, both the ESC's and the Motors run like a charm. i have tested them at many throttle settings for periods at a time and the RPM's are all identical and rock solid. (they run independently, also).

    i have a 99% feeling that the D4R receiver is working properly since i have 2 of them & they work identically over PPM.

    but when i run my motors off either of the D4R's and my Tyrannis, the motors will accelerate very closely to the throttle setting, but immediately, and slowly will start drifting, either ramping up to full rpm or close to that, and other motors slowing down to sometimes stop, all over a period of about 15 seconds. i can throttle down and all motors will stop.

    so... being that: ESC's and Motors and Receiver are all ok - (oh, and i decided to disconnect my BEC and run off of my Digital DC Power supply (cross connecting the Grounds)...

    my conclusion is that either my Tyranis OR the Naze32 is the probable culprit.

    I have a new Naze32 that i was going to use on a 2nd build (this current one is my 1st build and as the build went on, i found that there were several improvements i would make to my 2nd one)...

    but, i have that NAZE32 in hand and it is a much easier & cheaper thing to substitute out than the Transmitter.

    thanks for the advice so far, and any other info is welcome. I'll keep you posted.

    Russ from Coral Springs, Fl USA
  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,511 ✭✭✭
    I am assuming you have the beasite on the bench with props off and are running the motors up?

    If so, you may have vibrations that are causing the gyro/accell to 'drift', as it 'thinks' it is moving and is attempting to control it.

    I have to say, apart from the initial setup of quads, I don't do any motor 'bench' running as I see no point in it.

    Once setup, I put props on, arm the copter and then very gently increase throttle until it gets 'light' on its legs, check out control movements by 'driving' it around like a car left, right, forwards, reverse, and then lift off if all is well into a hover at about 3 feet.

    Not had any problems so far with any of the builds I have done, apart from ones where my own stupidity surfaced.

  • Rholt51Rholt51 florida, USAClub Members Posts: 14

    yes, Props are OFF the QAV250 while the model is on the bench. I've also made an On/Off switch with 2 xt-60 connectors and a regular wall switch, that hookes up between my QAV250 Battery Connection & my Battery. this way i don't have to keep plugging & unplugging from the QAV's (or the battery's) connector. now i just need "the clapper" <-- i may be aging myself, there.

    i was hoping to get a couple o' small videos uploaded so you could see what is happening.

    after reading what you wrote about the fact that the thing sitting on my bench may have caused it to start adjusting to it's "perceived" level state, i will go along with that postulate and give it a try this evening when i get home. I "work" from home tomorrow so i should be able to put a lot of time into this final phase of the build.

    i'm loading Adobe Photoshop Premier onto my PC in order to start attempting edit video & also compress it for uploads. any suggestions on that area of the FPV experience?

    thanks for all the help & any future suggestions/guidance from someone new to the sport, but I would say 100% all in. Oh yeah - the addiction is in the house!

    Russ from Coral Springs Florida, USA

    Rholt512016-03-10 23:13:25
  • Rholt51Rholt51 florida, USAClub Members Posts: 14
    well, trying out the quad was pretty much a total fail.

    Ramped up to the point of lift and the quad flipped over with great intensity.

    broke a prop.

    tried it again (outdoors this time) & got the same results. i'm moving on and replacing the Naze32 rev6 with another one. i'm adding on the Doge OSD board, too. this board, in addition to more OSD, offers BEC 5vdc 3vdc and filtered VCC. the board leapfrogs on top of the Naze32 and shares pins in common - eliminates A LOT OF Cableing & neatens up the build. yes, it said that in the description, but i also just finished its install and it has made a BIG diff. (it's not cheap, though - $70). but i'm thinkin' it's worth it if it does all that it's supposed to do. i'll keep you posted 'cause i'm "working from home" today & will have this puppy up & testing once more.

    Russ from Coral Springs, FL USA
  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,511 ✭✭✭
    Ah .. instant flip on takeoff is 99.9999999% due to incorrect connections and/or incorrect motor rotation, wrong prop rotation, motors on the wrong arms respective to the Flight controller outputs ...
  • Rholt51Rholt51 florida, USAClub Members Posts: 14
    SOLVED -

    stupid, stupid error. i even read about this situation.

    i had the Naze32 & it's accompanying OS DOGE (osd board) mounted @ an offset of 90 degrees. I did this in order to have the USB ports appearing @ the side of the quad rather than the rear.

    I thought the new rev6 of NAZE32 had the USB on the side already. (apparently not) & therefore when trying to fly, totally misunderstood the signals coming from my transmitter.

    set things up "straight" in CleanFlight & everything (well, it's hardly ever "everything" in this biz, it seems) is A-OK. (controls-wise.)

    please note that there will be other posts from me since i seem to have 2 or 3 (or 4) other problems with my build.


    Russ from COral Springs, FL USA

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