Quad flips

softheadsofthead Club Members Posts: 7
So I have put together a new quad, first one,unknown motors with Spider ESC 40A with SimonK from HK.When it is connected as should, motor 2 and 4 will lift and flip the QUAD, WHEN I swap motor 1 and 3 on the KK2.1 board, motor 2 and 3 will lift and flip,and if I swap motor 1 and 3 back again, motor 1 and 4 will lift and flip. What is going on, can anybody help with this

problem,what settings is out.




  • tinkertrontinkertron Club Members Posts: 101
    are your ESC calibrated, correctly?
  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,610 ✭✭✭
    softhead, SimonK ESC's do not require throttle calibration, as it is automatic with them nowadays.

    If the copter is flipping on takeoff, it is invariably due to incorrect config in any one (or more) of the following:

    1. Motors on wrong arms, even though they may well be turning in the correct direction.

    2. As above, but with incorrect props on, or even for props to be upside down! It DOES happen! (air MUST blow downwards!)

    3. Motors turning the wrong way.

    4. Wrong copter type loaded in KK.

    5. Faulty ESC's. Not usually the case, as that shows other symptoms too.

    You MUST 100% get all of those motor/prop/rotation/position/KK motor output options correct. Otherwise FLIP! And it can be very nasty when they do flip. WTWUK2016-03-07 05:08:19
  • softheadsofthead Club Members Posts: 7
    Thanks for quick reply.

    Maybe I need to re-word the problem

    ESC only need throttle calibration, nothing else.

    When connected as should, motor 2 and 3 will lift, all motors going. When I swap M1 and M3, the two motors on the right side, looking from the back,will lift, when I swap M2 and M4, the two front motors will lift.When I swap M1 and M3 back again, the two motors on the left side lift.It seems as the motors and ESC are working correct, so either KK2 is bad or some programming not right.

    Hope that makes it easier to understand.

    So back to the drawing board.

    Thanks all.


  • softheadsofthead Club Members Posts: 7
    Just as a side note, I don't swap motors, only pinout on the KK2 board.
  • SootySooty Christchurch NZClub Members Posts: 6,110 ✭✭✭
    The KK2 comes with a perfectly good set of instructions, which if followed step by step, will get you flying. Something you are doing wrong or some bad settings in the KK2 menus are keeping you from flying.

    You probably have some transposed negative or positive channel settings which need correcting.

    Have you zeroed the pitch, roll, and elevator settings on the KK2?

    What about your TX? Are you trying to fly a multi using Helli Mode? You would not be the first to try that.

    It is all covered in the instructions for the KK2.
  • softheadsofthead Club Members Posts: 7
    Forgot to tell I'm running StevieS 1.19

    using Turnigy 9x running ER9X.

    Can't find any zero out menu.Is it the same as stick scaling?

  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,610 ✭✭✭
    You do the setting of endpoints and zero (centres) in the KK Receiver Test screen.

    You MUST ensure that the slider bars on that screen are at 0% when the Aile, Ele and Rud sticks are centred, and read -100 and +100% for left/right/up/down on the sticks. Throttle must be from 0 to 100% for minimum and full throttle respectively.

    However, I suspect that you still have something wired up incorrectly, and/or something spinning the wrong way in relation to the arms and KK motor outputs.

    Could you post some pics of your setup. Put them on photobucket or similar and post the links here.

    Also, can you list what motor is on what arm, rotating what way and to what M pin it is connected to on the KK.

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