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Suggestion on Quad 250 Frame and other Parts

KlinciKlinci Club Members Posts: 2

I'm new to this multi rotor world and interested to start this hobby.

Have read numerous articles and product reviews and also browse HK's inventories.

I decided to build a quad 250 as starter, in a budget oriented way image

I will use it for FPV flight and maybe to occasionally carry action cam later.

During my search for a suitable frame, I found a lot such as Spedix, DYS, Smack, KingKong, and HK branded ones.

Please help me to choose which frame will be suitable for me, which will be strong and stable enough yet no need to be the high end ones.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions and inputs

NOTE: I flown WingDragon earlier and already have JR Propo 2720 Tx/Rx (PPM/PCM FM radio).Klinci2016-03-02 14:47:11


  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,364 ✭✭✭
    250 sized frames by their very nature are not what can be considered 'stable'. They are generally intended for peal to the metal quad racing.

    If you are building to a budget, get the cheapest one ...
  • SawdustSawdust Club Members Posts: 6,763 ✭✭✭
    That ridiculously impossible question again. "I want the best but, it must also be cheap. You can reasonably ask a question like " what's the best frame for a long range (heavy load) FPV platform?" as an example but you're asking the ridiculous and impossible.
  • KlinciKlinci Club Members Posts: 2
    Hi, thanks for your inputs.

    I don't mean to ask which is the best yet the cheapest.

    What I meant is for recommendation on which are the ones having high value for the money.

    As we know there are cheap item that are really cheapo (maybe fake carbon fiber?)

    And there are also items that are bang for the buck.

    Anyway, thanks for your inputs.
  • gritsgrits Club Members Posts: 60
    A scratch built 250 is probably not the best choice for a first timer.

    Better to go with a 450 or 330 size x configuration for a first effort.

    You can find those frames for very low prices and they are much easier to complete as well as cheap to repair.

    Suitable motors and escs can be found at low prices too.

    Better to save the 250 for next time unless you are very confident.

  • jstremmlerjstremmler Germany&U.S.A.Club Members Posts: 436
    Listen and e.g. go with this frame:

    And with these relativly cheap motors (I know that there are better ones one the market):

    4 Afro ESC's 20A:

    2 sets of these airscrews (maybe you buy also some spares):

    a Rev. 6 NAZE32 DOF 7 flight controller (the version without magnetometer but with a barometer, actually you cant buy this version from HK), a UBLOX M8N GPS with magnetometer (you can buy that for $18 in the internet)

    an appropriate FVP camera and a video TX (maybe in combination) and

    you will be happy.....

    Juergenjstremmler2016-03-03 15:10:30
  • LainchirLainchir UK, MidlandsClub Members Posts: 52
    I've got a HK Color 250 for FPV, and a 450 flamewheel clone. Recently built one of the ghost 250's with a KK2.1.5. I have to say, for a beginner, the Ghost 250 with the KK2.1.5 is by far the easiest set up. You're going to have coordination issues with whatever you buy/build, but the KK board setup was dead easy.

    My 10p worth is KK2.1.5, on the ghost frame (be prepared to scratch your head when mounting it) with some 12A esc's, and 1806 2300 emax's or equivalent. Maybe this frame if you don't want all the LED's... PRODUCT ID: 366000004-0

    My 450 is a scary beast when running, so this is likely to put you off. In my opinion.

    Other might not agree, but having built 3 in the last 6 months, the ghost 250 and KK WAS the easiest, but... you mention action cam too... that'll be a way off until you've learnt to fly it. You'll be wanting bigger/faster/better then.

    If you want crash proof, then maybe look at carbon, but it won't be cheap.

    Good luck :)
  • LainchirLainchir UK, MidlandsClub Members Posts: 52
    If you're looking specifically for FPV, then I can only say, go for at least a Naze32 based setup. I can't comment on others. Flying line of sight or FPV are totally different. The color 250 frame is cheap, and takes a knock. I know it doesn't match THICK carbon in terms of robustness, but they're cheap. Get 2.

    It's a massive learning curve speaking from experience. PID tuning for one, but mine with Naze32 rev 5, running cleanflight 1.11 (at the time) and LUX PID's seemed OK to start.

    My experience only - which is limited.
  • dean butterfielddean butterfield Club Members Posts: 1

    get the wizard 220s lot s of set up tips online

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