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30A Brushless ESC

miketoomiketoo Club Members Posts: 1
Purchased the HK 30A Brushless ESC for a Quadcopter. These controllers have three BLACK wires that attach to the motor. The motor has three color coded wires (RED, BLACK, YELLOW). How do I determine which of the ESC BLACK wires connect to the motor wires?? No markings on the ESC to indicate wire function? (Can't find any doc on the HK site or in this Forum)


  • AJC ChopperAJC Chopper Port AdelaideClub Members Posts: 50
    Connect the three wires in any order. When powered up the motor will spin in one direction, if it is going the wrong way change any 2 (two) wires and the motor will spin in the opposite direction. image
  • DirectLinkFpvDirectLinkFpv Club Members Posts: 6
    norm if you face the wires ion the esc to the motor then if you put them strait in line with no crosses then it will spin cw for the ccw motors switch any 2 wires dont matter what ones.
  • SawdustSawdust Club Members Posts: 6,763 ✭✭✭
    I think Chopper answered the question perfectly clearly over two months ago image .

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