Orange RX R720x telemetry

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How to – measure flight pack voltage with the new orange RX r720x I am using a Spektrum dx6 (the new black one) transmitter.

Problem – the new R720X receiver (PRODUCT ID: 9171000582-0) from hobbyking allows measurement of voltage and temperature with an optional temperature/voltage probe (PRODUCT ID: 9171000551-0 ).

The voltage probe has a female JST connector and is assumed to be used for a lipo pack in an electric airplane. By default the telemetry system reports receiver voltage but it is not accurate. It records 4.9 V consistently and is not actually report the receiver voltage.

Solution - To record receiver voltage properly you need to create a cable to bring the actual receiver voltage to the optional voltage/temperature sensor cable. I created a cable by cutting a servo lead removing the female portion and soldering on a female JS T connector to the black and red wires. Now I plug-in this new cable to an unused receiver channel so it can pick up the actual receiver voltage and plug the JS T connector into the telemetry sensor cable. Now I get proper telemetry of the actual receiver voltage. I am using this set up on a nitro airplane.


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    in order to get the flight pack voltage though you will need to connect the rx up to your pdb or your balance plug or any sorce for the true lipos power . i have i orx r920x rx with a devo 10 and i get flight packs voltage. if it is slightly off then normaly you can change the in your fc software depending on what one you got. make sure you put a multi meter on it to make sure the radio and you meter have the same rating. if you tell me more bout your set up i can give you more info.

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