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using 18650 li-ion instead of lipo

Jama85Jama85 Club Members Posts: 8

i planning to make a 18650 3s battery pack.

But dont know which 18650 is good for this.

a2212 kv1000 motor.

30a ESC.

i see many people using panasonic ncr18650b.

But i found high drain 18650 cells what can 20-30A discharge.

Anyone have experience about 18650 battery pack for quadcopter?


Maybe this is good.

Or this



  • __Evan__Evan Club Members Posts: 1,122

    As you've found, getting high currents from an 18650 battery is hard. They can't provide much power, so they're only good for low-performance, high-runtime applications (that's why you see all of the quadrotors designed for super-long flight times using the NCR18650B cells). In my experience building a battery pack from them is hard, because solder doesn't stick very easily to the terminals and you have to wire up your own balance plug too.

    If you are aiming for a lightweight, long flight-time quadrotor, then use a bunch of the NCR18650B cells (where "a bunch" is something like a 4S6P configuration), low-power motors, and big propellers.

    If you're aiming for a "normal" quadrotor (ie fast, agile, decent payload) you'll almost certainly find that the standard hobby packs are more suitable and much easier to use too.
  • Jama85Jama85 Club Members Posts: 8

    i make many 18650 3s2p pack from laptop battery cell, but they not have enough power.

    But i found some 18650 cell what have 20-30A discharge per cell.

    the NCR18650B dont have 20-30A discharge.Jama852015-08-06 21:20:58
  • Jama85Jama85 Club Members Posts: 8
    With the BestKalint IMR18650

    30A*cell tested 2300mah

    in 3s2p will be.

    5600mah 60A, 276g.

    I think its very good.
  • Paul80Paul80 Club Members Posts: 161

    One of the biggest issues with 18650 batteries is that there are so many fake capacity batteries flooding the markets from China, so be vary careful were you are buying them from, a quick search on Google and YouTube will give you an idea of just how bad the situation is.

  • PatrasgrPatrasgr Club Members Posts: 7
    I like to inform everyone who is using a quadcopter or a multicopter that I have done numerus tests with the following batteries to see if are able to work with multicopters.

    I used INR18650-25R and INR18650HG2 and made 6s2P packs

    with the INR18650HG2 I made a 6s2P 6000mAh total of 40amps weight 597g. and with INR18650-25R I made a 6s2P 5000mAh total of 40amps weight 601g.

    I used them on my quadcopter

    quadcopter weight with batteries 2,042grams

    Motors 380kv Tarot

    40amp esc

    15x5,5 props

    DJI Naza

    With the INR18650-25R 5,000mAh I flow 20min. and with the INR18650HG2 6,000mAh I fow 21min see, my video at

    with a 6s 5,000mAh Gens battery I fly 11min. 10min less.

    after the flight the volts per cell were







    then I used two INR18650HG2 6s2P 6000mAh total of 80amps and my quadcopter flow for 30min.

    volts per cell after flight.














    my next test will be with the VTC5 batteries, I will make a 4s4P 10,000mAh weight at 720g 120amps and will use it on my hexacopter see picture.

    On my hexa I'm using six 2213/920kv T motors and it weights with out the battery 1,780g.

    With a 4s Gens 10,000mAh 25c-50c battery weight is 900g. I fly for 15min.

    stay tuned for more tests.

    I will be posting the results at

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