Gear retracts for HobbyKing FW190 1600mm model

spideyctspideyct Club Members Posts: 14
Can anyone tell me what a suitable replacement part would be for the gear retracts on the HobbyKing FW190 1600mm model?


  • SootySooty Christchurch NZClub Members Posts: 6,110 ✭✭✭
    This is your third post asking the same thing. Settle down sonny boy!
  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,604 ✭✭✭
    Yeah and just noticed I already replied to two of them .. GRRRRRRR!!!!!
  • SawdustSawdust Club Members Posts: 6,763 ✭✭✭
    spidercat, stop spamming! People have been trying to help you sort this out on your first post about this, you just don't want to listen.

    Guys, this is the same guy who broke the tail wheel assembly through lack of knowledge or experience HERE . That's not intended as an insult to you spidey, I'm just reminding others not to assume you understand certain things. You are I think being a bit on the lazy side though. Try and work out what the real problem is rather than just throwing new parts at it in the hope that will magically make the problem go away.
  • spideyctspideyct Club Members Posts: 14
    I posted in multiple places, cause I wasnt getting responses in any forum, here, reddit, etc. I just want to find replacements is all
  • spideyctspideyct Club Members Posts: 14
    I Know for a fact they are not working. I may be new, but I know when a part is dead lol.

    So, instead of trying to fix the broken parts, which I have for over a few weeks now, I am trying to find replacement parts.

    Doesn't look like anyone knows what parts to use.

    I heard horror stories of hobbyking and decided to ignore them. In hindsight, I should have listened.
  • DaithiDaithi Belfast,IrelandClub Members Posts: 8,708 ✭✭✭
    Yopu had a response in the original thread but you didn't like the answers apparently. People are trying to help but you are liable to lose any and all help if you keep posting the same thing over and over in different areas

    Daithi2015-04-12 07:29:12
  • SootySooty Christchurch NZClub Members Posts: 6,110 ✭✭✭
    Three faulty retracts in one package - Nah! Pull the other one.

    I bet the only reason you know with so much certainty they "are all dead" is because you made another cockup and nuked them yourself.

    Nothing to be ashamed in 'fessing up to reversing polarity, feeding in 16v instead of 5v, or shorting something out. We have all done that once or twice in our hobby careers.

    You are simply doing them all at once on one model.

  • spideyctspideyct Club Members Posts: 14
    Three? There are only two in this model.

    Polarity wasnt reversed., nothing to admit there.

    HobbyKing forums are hostile and as helpful as their support team. Guess my business is going elsewhere.
  • DaithiDaithi Belfast,IrelandClub Members Posts: 8,708 ✭✭✭
    There's this thread, then this one and this one - plus the one where you buggered the tailwheel. That actually makes four threads - if you want help, stop making people hop round the forum like fleas on a hot plate

    Oh and I take it you actually did a search on 'FW 190' and these weren't listed?Daithi2015-04-12 10:15:02
  • SootySooty Christchurch NZClub Members Posts: 6,110 ✭✭✭
    OK then - two dud retracts in one FW 190 Kit? You didn't stuff them yourself?

    There is a great big stone bridge for sale in the heart of London.

    They won't be working because they are not getting the correct signal from your TX/RX combo.

    You can fit all the replacements you like but they won't work without that signal pulse either.

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