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Hi to you all please could anyone help, i have a joysways supermono x boat, and unfortunatley, the 20a water cooling outrunner esc, has stopped working, and i need a new one, but can anyone explain to me can i use a higher than a 20a water cooling esc than the one that came with the boat, and also does anyone know the size of the brushless motor that came with the boat, as no specs given in manual,

the specs are 20a, bec 2a/5v and 2s-3s lipo battery, i dont quite understand what 20a, and bec 2a/5v means, thanks to all


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    You can use as high an Amp rated ESC as you like. It is the motor that 'pulls' Amps from the ESC and battery - not them that 'pushes' Amps into the motor. There is nothing stopping you using a 200Amp ESC if you so desire (apart from it being a waste of an ESC of course!)

    The specs you have posted mean the following:

    The ESC runs on a 7.4 to 11.2 volt LiPo battery (2 cells to three cells) and has a 20Amp current capability. It also has an inbuilt Battery Eliminator Circuit that reduces the battery Voltage to 5 Volts to run equipment such as Receiver and servos etc. and it has a 2 Amp power rating.

    No idea what motor is in the boat though.
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    Hi, thanks ever so much for the info, very much appreciated, thanks image
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    Need to check out if the rx for the cheap radio system is part of the esc, alot of the cheap brushed ones from hobbyking are so when you repower or change esc need to get a tx and rx.

    HK watercooled esc for this size

    30a ProductID 9261000008
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    Thanks for the information. I have been searching to get more information on the topic. . StevenPena2016-03-29 20:17:51
  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,612 ✭✭✭
    Spammer! What the hell has a transportation company got to do with a model boat ESC???

    t0sser!!!!WTWUK2016-02-06 22:46:11

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