Checking Screws and Bolts for security

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I know this thread isn't being used anymore, but I thought this one is worth it for everyone anyway!!


Keeping an eye on your hardware...

Threadlock is a must in high vibration applications like a heli. But you can't easily tell if it's doing it's job. Checking a bolt or screws security with a driver may well break the threadlock bond and defeat the whole purpose.

An easy way to visually see if your screws and bolts are secure: Using a coloured sharpie or even coloured glue or an ink correction pen, put a line across the top of the screw or bolt head and down onto the frame or unit it's secured into. If the screw or bolt moves at all, you will see the line on the head no longer lines up properly with the one on the frame. Easy!

I've used gold ink here because it isn't very obvious but is clearly visible when you shine a strong light on it. You can see correction fluid on background screws too.

Now, between flights, a quick visual check can confirm everything is as it was! Easy!

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