Spitfire Markings

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Question regarding squadron markings.

Spitfire Vb RF O D

RF = sqdrn mark of 303 Polish sqdrn

O = British roundel

D = aircraft of sqdrn ldr Jan Zumbach

Have seen loads of images of port side of aircraft.

My question is how the RF O D markings would appear on starboard side?

(In particular summer of '42 in case the set-up altered during WW2)

Most images are of static models and they show:

RF O D, D O RF and even R O FD

Only starboard image of a full-size I can find is a replica that shows D O RF.

Putting these markings on a 1/5 scale model, just want to stick 'em on the right way. image


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    Will ask my Fathers next door neighbour - ex 303Sqn Spitfire pilot 1941 until 1945 when he flew Mustang IV's, but am sure starboard will have been D (o) RF as it was even when they flew Mustangs much later on.

    Small image, but it is from '42 and shows the A/C codes before the roundel and the Squadron RF code (censored out as that was an original print used):

    imageWTWUK2015-03-05 23:49:58
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    Squadron codes were always two letters and were never separated by the roundel - the individual aircraft letter was always on the other side of the roundel so, where RF(O)D was on one side, the other would be D(O)RF.

    Good photo of an echelon of 303 Squadron here
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    And who happens to be at the top of frame .. D(O)RF image
  • DaithiDaithi Belfast,IrelandClub Members Posts: 8,708 ✭✭✭
    Yep and also that website has a very good picture of the 'Kosciusco' squadron badge (both sides just under the windscreen)
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    Thanks for assistance chaps!

    Looked at so many images my eyes had blurred. Should have figured

    the full-size replica would have it right with the "mirror" of

    the port side. ie D O RF

    Found the squadron badge and later version of his "Donald Duck" insignia. Also much on 303 sqdrn history.
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    I also know of the Grandson of one of the pilots - and he has his Grandfathers flying log book - and that is something hopefully I will get to see later this year. And you can bet I will be using a big chunk of memory card in the DSLR on that historic book.

    He also has a huge amount of 303Sqdn and information about the Polish servicemen here at the time in general - and that includes a list of their original 'real' names - as they were all given pseudonyms, so that if shot down and captured, there was no link to any families they had left in occupied Poland to prevent reprisals against them. Some extremely interesting things to be read!
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    Would be an extremely interesting read!

    Funny how finding links to one particular aircraft opens up

    a history of the pilot, then the squadron history and battle


    Interesting point on the pseudonyms of pilots, had never thought

    about that. Reprisals would have been severe no doubt. Would have

    been hard to handle what might happen back home for the act of

    fighting their war from a different location.....

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