DX7 DSM2 and Or RX

Shadowman_182231Shadowman_182231 Club Members Posts: 8
Has anyone else had any troubles with the early DX7 DSM2 model with the current Orange RX Recievers,

I have been having a few brown outs over the last few months


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    The Hobby King R615X receiver may not bind correctly with the new Spektrum DX7. After binding is complete the yellow light flashes slowly and sometimes the Red light flashes. The factory setting on the DX7 is set for DSMX and needs to be changed to DSM2. My qualifications don’t allow me to speculate why the conflict between the HK R615X receiver and the new Spektrum DX7 exists however the program changes work for me.

    Procedure: Turn on transmitter power, Press roller and go to Function List scroll down to System Setup press roller bar, Caution screen roll over Yes (the aircraft must not be in operation) and press roller bar, roll down to Frame Rate press roller wheel, scroll down to Mode press roller wheel until DSM2 appears roll wheel up to List press roller wheel, roll back up to Main Screen press roller bar you are ready to Bind. Bind your aircraft when binding is complete in the upper left corner of your screen you will see DSM2. It has been reported that this also works with the Spektrum DX8.

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    I have the old Dx7 Dx8 have not seen any Rx problems.


    Brown outs I thought were due to power issues.


    When I fly my 3GX I always disconnect my ESC power lead add a separate BEC power. 3GX and power hungry digital servos are big big brown out problem and the 3GX when it see any power problem it shuts down.


    I thought brown outs were due to power drains mainly due to digital servos.NowMemphis Eddy2016-09-11 01:39:35
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    In addition to all the above (and is valid info), the R615X is known to be a power hungry beast for some reason - particulsrly if one wishes to use its PPM output.
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