Help Making Big Airplane by gas engines

sairamsairam Club Members Posts: 1
hello guys..i'm new here.i want to build a big airplane.for that i'm going to use two Turnigy TR-111 gas engines.i don't know much about those engines.I'm going to use 32*12 carbon fiber propellers with the engines.i want to know the fuel efficiency of this engine(like how many liters will it consume at idle and full speeds).if there is any better engines which are available now,please suggest them.i want the most powerful one.

if any one had used these kind of engines before please tell me,how much thrust you guys got.and also tell me the life of these engines,like how many years those can work?(if we wont crash)(usage: daily 1 hr).i know this question is lengthy,but please answer me guys.i'm very much interested in making a big plane.extra info:my plane would be like 2 meters length and 3 meters wing width and 1 meter,mean cord will be 50cm to 80 cm.

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