HK 50A Boat ESC with Reverse

saga32saga32 Club Members Posts: 3
Have been unable to get this ESC to run in either Forward & Reverse with brake or Forward & Reverse

No instructions in Files for any of this Boat series. T

he program card for it sets the ESC up OK.

When powered up Get Beep__Beep___Beep Beep which I assume sets the Throttle stop position.

Will go forward OK but not reverse. Moving stick to reverse, sometimes a 10 degree flick of motor and then it goes back to the 4 Beep sequence when I centre stick and it works in forward only. Have checked the ESC settings with the program card but they have not changed,

Have tried both 40MHz set and 2.4GHz set to get reverse unsuccessfully.

Running out of ideas!

If anyone has made one of these work, please help.


  • swervynswervyn Club Members Posts: 1,313
    is This the manual you need?
  • saga32saga32 Club Members Posts: 3
    Thank you for the manual link. The number of beeps on Power-on are more but it gives me some idea of their thinking about setup and a number of new things to try.

    Many thanks.
  • MarchieMarchie Club Members Posts: 7
    Hi I'm a newbie and this is my first post image

    I'm having the same problem with a HK 70A Boat ESC 3A UBEC.

    The reason I bought the ESC was that it had Forward and Reverse but the user manual on file does not match the ESC.

    I eventualy found some instructions on the web after some time searching and I think it's the same one as mentioned above but I still could not programe the thing. So I ordered the recomended programe card from the eu warehouse which came this week, plugged it in and it was dead as a Dodo.

    Reading the reveiws, it seems that not many seem to work on this ESC or it does not match.

    Has any member had any luck programming this ESC?Marchie2014-07-01 00:16:24
  • JohnspJohnsp Club Members Posts: 1
    The problems with reverse, in the whole HK Boat ESC series from 30A to 120A, is caused by incorrect calibration instructions in the manual. The calibration instructions are in the section labelled "Set throttle with Gun-type remote control". To calibrate correctly, you must change the procedure slightly: go from full throttle to full reverse, wait for one beep, and then release to middle.

  • DaithiDaithi Belfast,IrelandClub Members Posts: 8,708 ✭✭✭
    John - I think maybe he worked it out two years ago because he hasn't been back since image
  • swervynswervyn Club Members Posts: 1,313
    forum links never expire Daithi, Johnsp figured it out and I'm sure there will be plenty of peeps thankful for his input! I for one will keep his suggestion in mind if I ever get back to my much missed hobby bench

  • soleadosoleado Club Members Posts: 24 ✭✭

    Hello to everybody,
    I have a problem with the 70 A esc. I'd LIke to reprogram it but I don't have the instruction manual.Is there someone so kind to mail this manual ? My mailing adress is : [email protected].it
    Thank you very much
    soleado (Roberto)

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