Phantom FX-61 Wing

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Just wanted to share my mods of the Phantom wing to make it a stable FPV platform.

First flew it as standard to get a baseline. Very stable, easy to fly plane. Not very fast but a little twitchy on elevator. I decided that rudder control would be a good addon as I was using a HK stabilizer to further smooth out the controls. After much web investigation the only apparent effective rudder control on a wing seemed to be Decelerons(duckerons to some). I cut a line in line with the aileron hinge out about 100mm (4")on each wing. Then cut out the panel, including cutting through the lower landing rib. I used two pieces of 3mm (1/8") balsa sheet for each side, and matched them to the wing cutout shape. Attached them to the wing with two plastic hinges each piece, the top matched to the top of the wing and the lower matched to the lower edge of the wing. Cutout and recessed two 9gram servos into the under wing along side of the landing rib with the arms facing down. As I only had one channel left on my receiver, I connected them with a Y cable into the Stabilizer. I fitted the control arms to the surfaces (top up, lower down)to line up with the servo arms, and bent a rod to connect from the servo arm to the top control arm.(cut a groove in the wing to fit).In the servo end of the rod I bent a loop to fit a Z wire end through, and this wire was fitted to the lower control arm to give like a V shape. to over come the servo two way movement, I put a spring from a biro pen to allow the wire to only move the control arms in a forward direction, the spring took up any rearward movement with out moving the Decelerons. I used a swivel control arm fitting (the ones with a grub screw) drilled out the hole so the wire could move through it, and secured it with a lock collar to set the forward pull, the spring is at the back.. On testing, the plane flew great, really slow and stable, no hands at 1m high for about 100m. and WITHOUT any vertical stabilizers. Sorry, no photos or drawings. hope it helps others.

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