FPV Raptor & other motorized gliders

cantremembercantremember Club Members Posts: 5
Hi there. I used to fly with an Easystar, but then decided to buy an FPV raptor (1.6 meters wide version) since for the price I couldn't let it go by.

First impression is that the FPV raptor uses much more electricity. With the easystar if I'm easy on the throttle I can float around for 30-40 minutes. When I use the same battery in the FPV raptor they get drained after 10-15 minutes (to be on the safe side).

Although the FPV Raptor is only slightly larger, it is quite heavier. I was wondering if this is normal & whether getting the 2 meter wings would help.

Besides that, I wonder what other motorized gliders (of approx. same size) also have impressive air-time (so being able to hang in the air the longest possible time on a single battery). The Bixler seems quite popular?

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