Help with Skymaster Assembly Please

Andre1Andre1 Club Members Posts: 4
I am a newbie to model construction. I bought the latest Sky Master V2. I am not sure how to attach the tail wheel. The photos don’t help. The instructions say “Assemble the back landing gear to the vertical tail� However, the steel wire post has a 90 degree angle facing backwards which indicates that it should be attached to the rudder, rather than the fin. This would also mean that the rear wheel would be steerable. And how should I attach the wire to the rudder? I could drill a hole into the rudder?

Many thanks for any info.



  • NewToHobbyKingNewToHobbyKing BrisbaneClub Members Posts: 792 ✭✭
    Andre1 I hope some who has this plane replies soon. I see they have not yet so what you are saying sounds good. It is quite the norm for this to go like that. So can you post some pics. Please. image
  • Andre1Andre1 Club Members Posts: 4

    Thanks very much for your response. I got help elsewhere. Now I just need the wind to drop - the plane has been waiting for 10 days all ready to fly.


  • NewToHobbyKingNewToHobbyKing BrisbaneClub Members Posts: 792 ✭✭
    Happy to hear that. Good Flying! image
  • subarubrensubarubren Club Members Posts: 1
    can you let me know what you did i am having the same problem thanks

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