Beaver kit Manual upgrade

gary63gary63 Club Members Posts: 6
Can anyone help me to get the upgrade manual and tip on this plane build I am having second thoughts about this build. Any help will help.


  • marco330marco330 Club Members Posts: 190
    Which kit are you talking about ? HK has several ... I have the 1800mm super scale version.
  • Turkish_FlyerTurkish_Flyer Banned Users Posts: 357
    gary63 - If it's this one; DHC-2 Beaver (Bush Plane) STOL EP ARF SEE HERE then there is a very good (and in color) downloadable PDF file manual under the "FILES" tab (purple color) in the International listing for this aircraft. I downloaded this and took a look, and it's excellent. Also it's in very good readable English. The kit was originally produced by a Belgian company.
  • Poppy AnnPoppy Ann Mansfield NottsClub Members Posts: 42
    Hi Marco can you tell me what size prop you fitted?

    I just received this kit and bought the 35-42 1000 motor but I can find no information on what size prop to fit.

    thanks for any help you can give,

    Regards Poppy Ann.
  • DaithiDaithi Belfast,IrelandClub Members Posts: 8,708 ✭✭✭
    Oh sure - he's going to reply two YEARS after he posted??????????
  • Poppy AnnPoppy Ann Mansfield NottsClub Members Posts: 42
    why should he not reply I have posted reply's several years after the first post, when some one posts a reply most of us have it set to notify us that a reply has been put up via email so unless they cannot be bothered then most of the time I get reply's.

    maybe it is true you don't bother answering after a set time after the original post but most of us who post questions are ready to help others by replying no matter how long after the last post.

    Regards Poppy Ann.
  • Surreal62Surreal62 Club Members Posts: 23
    Thing is Poppy Ann, the email notification for replies to posts has been broken for months. Occasionally you might get one for only the first reply to a post, but after that - nothing.

    So unless the OP actually visits, he/she will never know there has been a reply.
  • RhubarbRhubarb Club Members Posts: 26
    With a grand total of 27 posts, I can't see how you managed it image

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