new gas engine.

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Can't get your shiny new gas engine to draw fuel? This is a common problem with a brand new engine.

With the ignition OFF, pour a small amount of fuel mix into the carb and turn the engine over. This will get the compression up and help the carb pump.

Next, put your thumb over the carb mouth to block the intake completely (the choke flap has a hole in it and doesn't create the vacuum you need). This will allow the engine to create the vacuum that makes the pump draw fuel. Spin the engine over, either by hand or preferably with a starter, and you should see the carb start to draw fuel. On a model with a long fuel pipe you may need to prime the fuel pipe with fuel first.


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    the easiest way I have found is to put a "T" connector in the fuel line about an inch or two away from carb inlet. Connect 1 line from the T to the fuel tank and the other line to your fuel filler port. That will fill the carb inlet line and make it a lot easier for a new dry pump to draw the gas. Just make sure you don't have the throttle open when you're filling the tank or it will flood the engine. After the pump get wet it should not be a problem in the future

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