Keeping track of small screws

BatmoBatmo S.E.Cnr.QldClub Members Posts: 22
While on the tiny screw subject

I use a small magnetic bowl mainly used for small car parts but absolutely essential for small to tiny model screws this keeps them all in one place and helps to magneticize them for replacing later.

It works a heap.




  • rossco34rossco34 Perth,W.AClub Members Posts: 149
    I use the same thing! - Great minds........
  • Greg GlihaGreg Gliha Club Members Posts: 2

    I use a 1 x 2inch magnet

  • MD emerseMD emerse Club Members Posts: 2

    If I know I have to reuse them I make a quick sketch of whatever I'm taking apart on a piece of cardboard (usually the side of a box from *******) and then insert the screws wherever they 'fit' into the diagram. Then I tape over them with painter's tape so they stay put. I only do this when a project has several not-quite-the-same-but-almost-the-same-size screws to keep from cussing over picking the wrong size every time when I'm putting it all back together.

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