AXN in tree

elolz_Auelolz_Au Club Members Posts: 84
My AXN is stuck in a massive tree, highly unlikely it will come down :( I have used sling shots, lead weights and fishing line and i failed. I called the fire department and they said they can't do anything so i called my local council and they said they won't be able to remove it either without cutting down the tree (which they won't do, nor do i expect them too)

I ran the motor on the AXN to flatten the 2200mah lipo battery because when i turned off the transmitter the ESC was "beep beep beep" every 3 or so seconds.

Will the Battery end up exploding or just end up flat as it is still connected up to esc + motor?


  • fatmanfatman Dublin, IrelandClub Members Posts: 248
    Battery will not explode. It will continue to discharge until it is totally flat.
  • elolz_Auelolz_Au Club Members Posts: 84
    thanks for answering :)
  • keel1keel1 Club Members Posts: 307

    My control rod on the aileron servo broke on my AXN recently, and like you it ended up in the top of a gum tree. I managed to get it down by using two swimming pool cleaning poles. They are telescopic and fit inside each other and just tape the joins for good measure. By standing on the back of a ute I was able to prod it enough to lodge it free. Maybe this could work for you . Good luck. image
  • mabaamabaa WildWestGermanyClub Members Posts: 378
    Pool cleaning pole, everybody should have one. image


    Extendable from 7 to 21 ft. is that enough?
  • DaithiDaithi Belfast,IrelandClub Members Posts: 8,708 ✭✭✭
    I've one of these (used normally for getting a wire aerial over a tree). That's a fishing reel with a loooong line at the front image

    imagetheseDaithi2012-07-11 22:58:55
  • elolz_Auelolz_Au Club Members Posts: 84
    I GOT IT DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. sling shot and a heavy sinker, fishing line :D It took about 6 hours of shooting and pulling and shooting and pulling lol It was raining for 2 days so i couldn't get it until today, The battery is completely dead thou but the other electrics (esc, motor, servos) are perfectly working.

    Hobbyking makes good products that for sure lol
  • MaximilionalphaMaximilionalpha 17044Club Members Posts: 590 ✭✭
    Don't try to recharge that battery back to life...chances are there's condensation buildup inside of it by now and will get puffy during the charge and possibly explode. Mine did that to me when I got my phoenix 2000 stuck up in a tree for over 24 hours and it rained for most of that time.Maximilionalpha2012-07-14 12:35:25

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