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Skyfun- Before Maiden

elolz_Auelolz_Au Club Members Posts: 84
Hi guys,

I have a skyfun and before i maiden it today i was wondering if anybody know the best settings to have it on in regards to rates and expo.. has nothing in the manual as where they should be set..

any help will be very much appreciated. :D


  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0
    Hi elolz, are you running the stock power setup? If so, it's pretty underpowered IMHO. I ended up making some changes to mine, I removed the foam Elevons and replaced them with Balsa Aileron stock. I swapped out the motor for a 1500kV 28-35 motor that is 4S capable, a Plush 40A ESC, and an APC 7X5E pusher prop. It balances perfect with a 2200Ma 4S Turnigy battery in the middle of the battery compartment.

    The reason I bring this up is because the faster it is, the more responsive the controls will be. If you're running the stock power setup, you will need about 10mm of travel on the Elevons at full deflection. I myself don't fly with Expo or dual rates, so hopefully someone else can post what settings they use.
  • elolz_Auelolz_Au Club Members Posts: 84
    Yeah i have the stock set up at the moment, i plan on getting use to flying the skyfun stock then when i feel comfortable with it upgrade motor,esc etc. I have been flying the AXN clouds fly and just come off that to the skyfun.. Still basically a newbie but its so much fun flying the skyfun :)

    What speeds do you hit with your upgraded setup?

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