What Durafly should be worked on next?



  • RobMillRobMill Club Members Posts: 5
    My choices would be Bell P39 Aircobra and Piper Tri-Pacer to about 1100 - 1200mm span P39 with retracts, Aust. colour scheme 23 Sqn.
  • __BB-Q__BB-Q Club Members Posts: 992
    Standard Durafly wingspan is 1100mm and they are designed to take a 2200mAh 3S battery.
  • madjeffmadjeff Club Members Posts: 116
    i would love to see a p38, its not been done to death.fms is just to big for a average size car.
  • speedtechspeedtech Club Members Posts: 5
    Me262 or Arado234 image
  • kangakanga Club Members Posts: 509
    How about the 1.7 meter Decathlon Anthony was flying,.. Whatever happened to that image
  • pingpongpingpong Club Members Posts: 6
    How about a 1100mm AVRO VULCAN? Twin or single so long as it can do a SLOW fly-bye. My pic wont paste, pity. How about adding a sound card on a spare channel as an option, with the ROAR of a real one? Retracts would be nice for my local grassy knowl. Also a websearch provides NO ARTF, RTF AVRO VULCAN at all, unlike other models which have several options image pingpong2012-06-12 19:54:13
  • JTTCWJTTCW Club Members Posts: 6
    Lavochkin La 7 or Yak 3
  • Lars NLars N Club Members Posts: 6

    I go for the Hercules in good Epo quality:)
  • pingpongpingpong Club Members Posts: 6
    WOW! So many suggestions. I think Scott should start with ones that havnt been done before. Obviously start with the Vulcan thats obvious lol. There are some other unique models suggested. An Air Cobra would interest my friend.. The Blohm & Voss look unique too. You need more designers & builders Scott image
  • davo54davo54 Club Members Posts: 1
    Hawker Typhoon or Tempest Mk V- might have COG issues with the short nose- but what brutes of aircraft.
  • rcozstylercozstyle South AustraliaClub Members Posts: 571
    Hawker Typhoon or Tempest Mk V- might have COG issues with the short nose- but what brutes of aircraft.

    Any size will do but the bigger the better image
  • spitfire2010spitfire2010 DPRKClub Members Posts: 3,202 ✭✭✭
    Bring on a Hercules c130.   It's not been done to death and looks magnificent.

  • park aviatorpark aviator Club Members Posts: 14
    yes yes gloster meatbox sorry i mean meteor
  • park aviatorpark aviator Club Members Posts: 14
    what about a wimpy wellington in epo would be nice
  • park aviatorpark aviator Club Members Posts: 14
    anyone thought of a twin edf or twin pusher north american B45 tornado
  • DaithiDaithi Belfast,IrelandClub Members Posts: 8,708 ✭✭✭
    Wimpy - definitely - however there's a problem with the Meatbox and the tin Can (the engine placing cuts the wing and is a weak point). Underslung jets (ie the Me262) don't have that problem as the spar runs straight, but jets that are mounted on the wing centre line areinherently weak (especially in foam)
  • gab1983gab1983 Club Members Posts: 2
    I would love to own a one of these rc models in my hanger by durafly.. image ...

  • __BB-Q__BB-Q Club Members Posts: 992
    Lavochkin LA-7 or Ilyushin IL2
  • boysieboysie OZClub Members Posts: 1,256
    What about an Antonov AN-2? image

    imageboysie2012-06-17 09:45:00
  • Runner2kRunner2k Club Members Posts: 32
    How about a Blohm und Voss P.170? There were some seriously cool axis special projects during the war. I've got an ebook or three on them if it will help with pre-production research:


    Shoot me a PM, interested to see your ebooks.



    Very cool!!

    I would definitely buy this one. Nobody else has it as far as I know.

  • graemedeangraemedean Club Members Posts: 1
    Westland Whirlwind, Gloster Gladiator macchi 202 folgore,hurricane are some other suggestions
  • captn grinellcaptn grinell Club Members Posts: 184
    OV-10 BRONCO
  • PeterVauPeterVau Club Members Posts: 30
    No.1 need is for Axis fighters to use for combat with the current Allied ones!!! LOL

    Me-109, FW-190, Zero etc. But Me-109 as number one to do!!

    Twin engine aircraft (bombers etc) should be in the Durafly 1400mm (or 1600mm) range that is coming.... one decade... hehe.

    So these will use two 3S 2200mAH's......

  • __BB-Q__BB-Q Club Members Posts: 992
    Heinkel HE100 for the Axis fighters please. Again, nobody does one.
  • TurbobeaverTurbobeaver Club Members Posts: 166 ✭✭
    Hey Scott,hows about a EPO CF-105 Avro Arrow EDF or a CF-100 Canuck twin EDF?What can I say,I'm biased and proud of our Canadian flying heritage!


  • boysieboysie OZClub Members Posts: 1,256
    How about a Caribou.

  • Runner2kRunner2k Club Members Posts: 32

    I have a suggestion. What about a Poll vote?

    It makes easier to know the most voted plane!!
  • __BB-Q__BB-Q Club Members Posts: 992
    How about a Caribou.


    As much as I think the Caribou is an amazing aircraft, I don't see the point of it as model.

    If you were to do scale flying with it you would fly it around in stable, level flight and then land slowly- that's it.
  • boysieboysie OZClub Members Posts: 1,256
    Well bbq, I like them and I have been up in them many times, a remarkable aeroplane. image
  • __BB-Q__BB-Q Club Members Posts: 992
    I like them too, but just wonder how much fun one would be as a model. Now, if it had working cargo doors and an ejection method for the cargo......

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