AXN Floater Jet Replacement parts

NeverconNevercon Club Members Posts: 182
Dear Hobbyking,

I just ordered the AXN Floater jet, I waited till it came back into stock and now bought it.

I just wanna know since most of the airplanes do not have replacement parts,if the AXN Floater Jet will have it in the future? Like fuselage,wings,tail,motor.

Also if the motor would go bad,which one of the towerpro can be recommended for it?

Thank you :)


  • Dr.LuckyLukeDr.LuckyLuke Czech RepublicClub Members Posts: 12
    For replacement I use FC 28-12 Brushless Outrunner 1534kv ( with TGS Sport 6x5E Precision propeller ( and it is really good replacement.

    Hope it helps.

  • NeverconNevercon Club Members Posts: 182
    Thank you luckyluke.

    Now I know what motor and propeller I will need to buy :)

    thanks a lot :)

  • AlcoNaft43AlcoNaft43 Club Members Posts: 15
    HobbyCity, pleeeease make spare parts availiable !!!

    BTW, 6x4 prop is also doing nice.
  • will do, thanks.
  • slo Tomslo Tom Arizona, USAClub Members Posts: 7
    Thanks for the tip - I bought them both. I will be anxious to install it and see the results!
  • jameskjamesk Club Members Posts: 4
    hi, can anybody tell me what rx I should use in my AXN Please. my TX is 35m
  • slo Tomslo Tom Arizona, USAClub Members Posts: 7

    Hey Dr.LuckyLuke,

    I installed the motor/prop you recommended and it worked great! Thanks for the information. For any body else, stay away from the 2210N 1000Kv Brushless motor for ANX Floater-Jet . It cannot lift this plane,

    slo Tom
  • CorollaGTCorollaGT BorneoClub Members Posts: 81
    What about the other parts like the canopy or maybe the wings? Hehehe :)
  • Hman :)Hman :) MelbourneClub Members Posts: 12
    What about a replacement fuse????!!?!?

    My fuse was full of so much glue and tape that it was to heavy and the foam became stressed and formed new cracks after every hard landing...So i had to retire her.

    Now i have a pair of almost new axn wings with no fuse.

    So PLEASE sell replacement fuse's!!!

    Not just for me, also for the beginners that nose plant at full throttle and don't need another set of wings/stabilisers.

    Thank You image
  • mcweckmcweck Club Members Posts: 68
    I dont like to link to other shops, but HobbyKing fails in supply with spare parts. Take a look here Spare Parts
  • fOLKEMALfOLKEMAL Club Members Posts: 1
    Just buy the ARF version?

    It's like 30$.
  • mcweckmcweck Club Members Posts: 68
    don't forget the shipping
  • SilbernerSurferSilbernerSurfer Club Members Posts: 60
    Wings please, hopefully some without wing tip curves and better positioned ailerons.

    Best regards uwe
  • DaithiDaithi Belfast,IrelandClub Members Posts: 8,708 ✭✭✭
    Without the tips? Just buy a modelling knife and a steel straight edge and cut them off image
  • mick11mick11 Driffield YorksClub Members Posts: 665
    That's far to easy. image
  • mabaamabaa WildWestGermanyClub Members Posts: 378
    Sawdust is the most experienced AXN wingtip cutter, for more information ask him. He will give a expert answer, how to and how to fly. image

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