1100mm HellCat

argypakargypak Club Members Posts: 2
Hi all,

I have the FMS Hellcat 1100mm EPO foam plane and have crashed it.

I cannot find any spares on the the website and was wondering if there is any alternative for the prop and spinner.


  • kizashikizashi Club Members Posts: 11

    imageimage Welcome to the club , I have the same situation. In my case I need an engine mount and can't get it. Leaders Hobby has the complete set of all the airplane parts no electronics for $56    
  • BruinsBruins Ontario CanadaClub Members Posts: 3
    Hi guys PW-RC.com carries all the replacement parts for FMS warbirds, and Phillip is a great guy to deal with.
  • fly or diefly or die Club Members Posts: 65
    master airscrew propellors 10x7 3 blade perfect replacement prop

    better speed and performance
  • laotzulaotzu Club Members Posts: 14
    Can the stock motor handle the master airscrew propellors 10x7 3 blade?
  • VimanChalakVimanChalak Club Members Posts: 107
    I would like to know that as well. Just ordered it yesterday but was interested in spares especially the prop. I read that 10X5E would work with it.

    I have ordered

    APC style propeller 10x5-E


    If you have one then try it else try this.

    Atleast you will be in the air .
  • aalope2001aalope2001 Club Members Posts: 4
    try nitroplanes also, they carry the same plane.
  • fly or diefly or die Club Members Posts: 65
    Yes stock motor will handle this prop you will gain airspeed and have much nicer throttle curve
  • F4U4EVERF4U4EVER Club Members Posts: 1
    Hey guy's

    If your looking for FMS Parts try Sydny RC Jets

    They carry parts that are unavailable in the states. image

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