Flyfly Super Chipmunk

WogboyWogboy Club Members Posts: 2

I am building the above kit and am stumped on a few things to do with the wing construction.  Has anyone got some pictures of the trailing edge both top and bottom, and how it attaches to the fuselage they could post, as I'm not sure exactly what to make of the instructions step 7 and 8, plus I think my kit may be missing some parts.  In particular, I am presuming the 85 x 25mm strip of 2mm ply with red covering on one side goes on the bottom of the wing, centred below the aileron controls?  If so, then where exactly do you create the holes for the blind nut in step 8?



  • AcctoonAcctoon NorwayClub Members Posts: 39
    Im sorry, I cant help you with your building issue, but someone at work has that modle, and it flyes great. Just seen him fly with it once, but I was amazed of the speed and climb of his modle. Flew like a rocket. Looked really fun.

    I will take a look on the wing attachement tomorrow if he has the modle at work. If so I'll try to take som pictures of it with my phone.

    Good luck tho.

  • WogboyWogboy Club Members Posts: 2
    Cheers Acctoon, I'd appreciate it if you could.
  • AcctoonAcctoon NorwayClub Members Posts: 39
    My colleague wasnt at work, think his off for a week or two, sorry.
  • TR1 U2TR1 U2 Club Members Posts: 2
    Hi the wings have the holes drilled but covered with the covering. You could feel for them then cut the covering need to remove the covering where the ply plate glues onto the wing, the best way is to mark where the plate is going to sit then cut the covering by burning the covering with a soldering iron just inside the marked area then peel it away.if you cut it with a knife you could cut the wood making a week spot.hope this helps

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