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Bf109 Alie servo burn out!!

johnathan ogarrajohnathan ogarra Club Members Posts: 1

Hi i recently purchased a durafly bf109, the plane arrived i completed the build then noticed a small minor defect one of the cannons was out of shape but firmly fixed but i decided to live with it which is unusual as I'm fussy with my collection of scale warbirds! Anyway once set up was completed and maiden flight done i forgot all about it the plane flew lovely and i have put quite a few packs (batteries) through it. Today i was up the field, pre flight checks done was up in the air, on my approach to land i tried to deploy flaps the plane didn't slow or react as usual when flaps were down? After a pass i noticed no flaps so luckily i had enough space for a fast landing which was successful. Once i got to the plane i could smell burning so immediately unplugged. After investigating no flap function there is burnt smell on flap servo and bubbling/ melting visible. I decided not to try and replace the servos as this would mean pulling the underside of the wings apart pulling tape of and would ruin the finish and scale look so very disappointed a lot of money for a small warbird which im not prepared to replace servos on as its still so new. I own many durafly planes and have always been very happy as i was with this bf109 till this happened please advise?? 


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