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philip roos trojan flaps

philip roosphilip roos Club Members Posts: 6

after completing the construction of my Durafly Trojan naval edition and installing Futaba R3006SB receiver with T6K transmitter, and using the No5 channel on the receiver, I switched everything on and the flaps servos immediately jammed causing damage to one servo and the esc heated up .Every thing else seemed to work OK although I did not connect the brake servo and the led on the top of fuselage did not light up. Now the interesting thing is that the one servo lead without a label on was connected to the flaps via a connection board in the wing and the servos are working in the o posit sense to each other like ailerons. I have checked out my receiver by fitting 2 servos and a Y lead in the No5 channel and they both worked in unison as flap servos should without any problems outside of the model ,put them in the model and they change back to o posit sense when connected to the models wiring.I have already had to replace hinging on the rudder and 1 aileron so I am committed to see this problem through any help would be appreciated thanks.

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