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Carbon Cub S + adding flaps.

Dennis AndrewsDennis Andrews Club Members Posts: 103

I have purchased a Carbon Cub S + BNF. I would like to add flaps. The manual states it has to have a 7 channel Transmitter nothing about the receiver?
I understand Elevator, Rubber, Ailerons, ECS (motor) Safe Flight and Panic use the 6 channels. It requires a seventh channel to operate the flaps.
I have a JR 5903 with DSMX and DM2 will this suffice to do the job?

Also the bought ASX3 Spektrum Receiver can I program from JR5903 transmitter unit. In the Menu it only shows Spektrum Transmitters? Hoping to improve my flying with this receiver??

Sorry I am a newbe with only plastic bags of flights gone wrong!

I think my co ordination is out, albeit I have bought many kits still un-flown. I am hoping with the Spectrum ASX3 the tide will change?
I have been trying to fly an Electrafun XP but the parts are no longer available it has sustained so many crashes it's not funny. I am told by a club official it is not an easy plane to fly? At the very least I know with all my crashes it has suffered it basically survived until last week. I do not want to fly more of my aircraft to be a plastic bag assortment.

Is there a EPP plane that may get me through this difficult period?

P.S. Sorry to ask so many questions. I guess I may have to give and resign from R.C. all together?


  • GumpaGumpa Club Members Posts: 3

    As for your bag of broken flights a though from another newby is I bought a RC flight simulator for easy money and it has help me immensely both in skills and confidence. Just a thought. It's never to late.

  • Dennis AndrewsDennis Andrews Club Members Posts: 103

    Thanks Gumpa I am in my 75 year and think it is too old too keep up.
    I have the Real Fight 8 just installed the new version. It has the extension for the Apprentice e15 I can fly it O.K. on beginner mode. Advanced and Unlimited Mode shows my limitations.

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