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VOLANTEX RANGER 1600 - Best replacement Prop and best upgrade motor/ESC?


Just bought VOLANTEX RANGER 1600 and first flight. All good. Needed CoG a bit more nose heavy.
I like to keep a few spares.
Mainly prop. Know it 8x4. Its pusher with 1400kV motor. What is (link please) best quality/performance prop?
Also want better quality motor and up to 40A ESC. Suggestions also please. I have 3S and 4S.


  • CARL BURTONCARL BURTON Club Members Posts: 5

    Stock motor on 3S with 8x4 prop delivers 155 watts.

  • CARL BURTONCARL BURTON Club Members Posts: 5

    Update. With 3S, full up weight 1.23kg.

    Stock motor with 8x4 pushes 450g thrust at 155w.

    Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 3530-1460kv on 40A plush ESC pushes 992g of thrust at 228w also 8x4 prop.
    Prop = TGS Precision Sport Propeller 8x4 CCW.
    Note, motor fitting needs clearance hole in white plastic mounting disc increasing by 0.5mm on diameter.
    30 mins small round file job with fine paper to smooth.

  • CARL BURTONCARL BURTON Club Members Posts: 5

    APC 8x6 prop gives best performance. About 1.1kg at 250w.
    8x8 is nosier and more watts but no more thrust.
    Hand launch at 70%.

  • CARL BURTONCARL BURTON Club Members Posts: 5

    Final update.
    Tried SK3 3536 1400kv on 4S using 8x6. Metal adjustable mount plate.
    Its too much power.
    Just goes vertical above
    70% power due to prop wash down onto tail plane. Changing prop angle upward helped but affected handling.
    Think tail fin will fail with over 50A pulled through 60A ESC.

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