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happy to make a review of this crazy brushless on my home made foamy plane

gleno2008gleno2008 Club Members Posts: 5

watch the video tell me if I should do a review on the electronics all of which are hobby king products and put it on youtube I have a a large fan base of over 1000 subscribers. It will be a large job to make a quality video that could upsell your some of your products, naturally I would like to be rewarded in some way , hope you like the RAW video.
a full review of the of the following products used would be included thee review. ESC 30 amp plush, turnigy D3530/14 1100kv brushless out runner also the 6 channel receiver TGY iA6, and finally the transmitter TGY iA6


  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,424 ✭✭✭

    There are hundreds of videos reviewing HK products online - some very professional indeed done by well established reviewers with tens of thousands of followers - and the items you have are quite old products now, so I think you are on a hiding to nothing insofar as a reward for one goes ...

  • gleno2008gleno2008 Club Members Posts: 5

    Yes ok thanks WTWUK for your reply won't bother wasting my time by the looks of it, even though I have access to professional film grade cameras and editing programs now...... There is no review of that particular brushless motor anywhere, or on a heap of other items that Hobbyking sell . I know because I research every product I buy from them and most products where you click on the video tab button, nothings uploaded? it would be nice if they had a detailed review right there, and some do have but most don't, which is a shame, Yes I know youtube has a heap of unboxing videos in detail on some popular items, and they are mostly ok but many lack detail.
    Anyway I am happy with my set up on my scratch built foamies (5 planes so far) and really like hobby kings products, great price and reward program. Anyway got to get back to building my twin engine EDF scratch built foamy. it will be fun to fly

  • HobbyKing_CEOHobbyKing_CEO Club Members Posts: 128 admin

    hi @gleno2008 I'd love to see more of your vids :) always great to see users having fun with our products! keep up the great work!

    btw - you can earn reward points if you use our referral links at the bottom of the videos.

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