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tamiyatamiya Club Members Posts: 77 ✭✭

hello, I have the new Turnigy T240 duo touch screen charger. I charge up as a test a 3000ma 3cell lipo, which is in top condition and I ended lipo balance charging between 4.22V and 4.23v each cell, which is way to high. This is the reading I did from my separate hand lipo cell meter and other voltage testers. Lipo charger displays gives 4.20 and 4.19Volts as displayed. calibration function used , and monitor here gives around 18.2volts, so I updated this in calibration function to the correct battery values and saved that. Now batt monitor gives exact the updated value, and i saved this also for a "memory" batt value. I start charging and lipo balance monitor gives also the correct updated value, at this moment. I stop charging now and set "off" the charger, I restart and I lost all my updated settings-calibration again, every time, every time charger is overcharging my lipos again. I need to do by every charge 'setting charger on" a complete new calibration setting??? I've done all I know, I'm familar with lipo charging and chargers. I saved all I can, etc...........after a lost of money in a new Imax B6 charger, that only gives "connection break", this is my second disappointment. Hope someone have some suggest for me.

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