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Mini Slowbipe trainer

Dennis AndrewsDennis Andrews Club Members Posts: 103

After so many crashes I am beginning to think I am passed learning to fly. At least with Real Flight 8 it's saving me money ha ha!
Watching YouTube beginner series they show a beginner aircraft (very ugly but flies very slowly) a Mini SlowBipe, the company has folded and the model is no longer available. Does anyone know if it is still available anywhere?


  • blfblf Club Members Posts: 1

    look into "crashtest hobbies" albatross, use some extreme tape on wing leading edge and 3-4 strips past the center of the wing, it wouldn't hurt to put the tape along the entire fuselage too. they make some of the most durable planes i have ever witnessed.

  • Dennis AndrewsDennis Andrews Club Members Posts: 103

    Thank you so much blf I have near given up my flying. I have several new aircraft to build and fly but due to my track record I am not game to fly them.

    The aircraft I am trying to fly are very old and no parts are available anymore. The ElectraFun XP is near a write off now and my Fsky Nemo is going down that path soon. I bought the Real Flight 8 simulator to see if I could improve my skills.

    The ElectraFun XP is only rudder and elevator. The Fsky Nemo has the Ailerons and made of EPP it maybe the way to go for a while. Thanks very much for your input blf

  • HasbeenHasbeen Club Members Posts: 8

    Hi Dennis. 1 was once a fleet air arm pilot, flying off HMAS Melbourne. 1 was 77 when my son brought out a little RC plane. 1 was amazed when found was pretty lousy at flying it. 1n fact 1 needed some time on a simulator to even start to fly RC competently.

    Now 3 years later there is still a fair chance that when I take 3 or 4 planes to the strip to fly, I will probably be repairing some damage on at least one of them. 1 can claim to now be a much better RC plane repairer than flyer.

    1 have 4.5 hours on a real Sea Fury, so my beautiful Avios Sea Fury sits here, like your new planes unflown, as1 don't want to damage it. The fact that my son has torn wheels out of his Riff Raff [sea fury[ a couple of times does not give me confidence. Fortunately my Vampire, the plane did my jet training on, is flown regularly, & is one of the easiest to fly in my fleet.

    1t sounds like you have done a fair bit of repair work, so should manage to repair those new ones if necessary. have had 37 planes from Hobby king, mostly still flying, if a bit battered after the grand kids & I had our fun, but who cares if they still fly.

  • Dennis AndrewsDennis Andrews Club Members Posts: 103

    Hi Thanks for the information. I purchased a AXN floater after watching YouTube and Bruce Simpson. He says the best for learning and able to repair easily.

  • Dennis AndrewsDennis Andrews Club Members Posts: 103

    Wow! Has been what a buzz it must be to land and take-off from an aircraft carrier.
    I am basically a retired Avionics Engineer at 75 years old. After having flown a few hours and install Auto Flight Control Systems in many light aircraft. My piloting skills are not the best when I fly with real Airline Pilots. Surprising how much there is to learn and conquer theses days. My favourite aircraft is the Airbus A320 I had a lot to do with this introduction to both Ansett Australia and JetStar Asia. Mind blowing systems. Getting a handle on these R.C. Models is not that easy. I think I will cheat and install Spektrum AX-3 3axis gyro receivers.

  • Dennis AndrewsDennis Andrews Club Members Posts: 103
    edited June 28

    A guy in Darwin had a operational Sea Fury. He crashed in a T-6 Texan and died sadly. He would often put on a display with his Pitts Special.

  • HasbeenHasbeen Club Members Posts: 8

    Denis 1 have an AXN floater, & found it difficult to hand launch, particularly with the grand kids. They tended to give it too much power, & push it into the ground.

    1 fitted a set of Bix 3 wheels to it, & it was much more successful with the kids, particularly the take off.

  • WTWUKWTWUK ✭✭✭ CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,511 ✭✭✭

    30 to 50% (maximum!) throttle, smooth overarm launch at about 30 to 40° aka a javelin (but not Olympic javelin chucking! Haha!) and it will climb away lovely.

    Anything above 50% throttle and it will nose in due to thd angle of thrust.

  • Dennis AndrewsDennis Andrews Club Members Posts: 103

    Yes WTWUK Bruce Simpson the NZ guy ON YouTube demonstrates the same on flying the ANX half throttle is better. I am yet to get my ANX from HobbyKing to try it out.

    I am currently trying to restore my Elecrrafun XP's. They seem to be able to sustain a lot of damage. I have modified them to out runner motors and LiPo batteries. ElectraFun XP are no longer sold they must be 10 years old.

    Thanks again for the great advice.

  • WTWUKWTWUK ✭✭✭ CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,511 ✭✭✭

    Have you seen the Brucie video of the loons flying one inverted about a foot off the ground? Funny as, but shows just how good a model it is!! lol!!

  • Dennis AndrewsDennis Andrews Club Members Posts: 103
    edited July 17

    Yes thank you WTWUK it is thought to be the glider of the week.on Bruce Simpson's reviews. I would like to know the video camera he uses. It has a very good zoom for sure. He is so dedicated It's not funny.

    Last week a newbee bought an AXN to the club to give it a try. The only guy in the club who uses mode #2 flew it. Even the guy who owned it flew it and very well. The Yokine Soarers club is very small and only electric can be flown there. It's in a built up area so noise is a factor.

    My AXN has arrived but still in the box. The repairs and upgrades of my ElectraFun XP is taking all my time. I think I have enough parts to build another ElectraFun XP. With two planes I may master it you never know. My NEMO is almost ready to fly again. As I say the manufacturer is long gone.

    I am hanging in there to buy the Phoenix 2000 PNP but Hobby King are out of stock.

  • Dennis AndrewsDennis Andrews Club Members Posts: 103

    Hi Has been Wow! You inspire me mate to keep trying. I am thinking to give it away as a bad joke.
    As with you I have flown light aircraft not to land on carriers I might add. At the time I thought I was doing well as a pilot. But seeing real well trained guys I was humbled. My flying was very amateurish. Being an Avionics Engineer I installed many Auto-Pilots and set them up. Many years ago. Yes another has been.

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