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Correct Lipo Charger

Hans QHans Q Club Members Posts: 1
edited April 15 in Chargers

Hi and thanks in advance!

I am setting up an ebike with two of these batteries in series:

What would be the appropriate charger to charge these batteries?

The ebike kit I am going to use is this one:

amz /AW-Electric-Bicycle-Conversion-48V1000W/dp/B00Q8JT9H2

Any other tips or products you would also recommend?

Thanks again!



  • Emie1Emie1 Club Members Posts: 11

    Para cargar estas baterías necesitas un cargador que suministre 30 voltios y 10 Amperios , osea mínimo 300 Watios, cargandolas a 1 c (tiempo de carga 1 hora)
    si las bateíias admiten 2C o más(3C) con 1000 W (30 Amperios) las cargarías en 30 minutos ( 2C) 20 amperios o 20 minutos(3C) 30 Amperios.
    La batería indicada no especifica que se pueda cargar a más de 1C
    Mira cargadores con estas características y baterías con mas C de carga

  • FrancisfocarFrancisfocar Club Members Posts: 1
    edited April 20

    I charge 6 (TURNIGY 5000mAh 6S 22.2V 40C 50C LIPO BATTERY,S) with this (HTRC 1200W Dual Port 8s Lipo Battery Balance Charger) in parallel, for my ebike no problem.

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