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Juan Carlos DaviJuan Carlos Davi Club Members Posts: 1

Good day I want to know the place where it is and the mail that was sent my purchase with the tracking number UX400398397CH I try to track and I figure as in transit. On the other hand in the past I bought Li Po batteries and I have received without problems from your store in Europe. Have the shipping conditions changed that make them impossible for the Argenta?


  • Juan Carlos DaviJuan Carlos Davi Club Members Posts: 1

    I Want to make two queries:
    A) in the past I have bought batteries Li Po and from his shop in Europe I came without problem to my home in Argentina. Now It is not possible to perform more this operracionn? Why?
    b) I want to keep track of a purchase made on the day 14/3/19 with the Tracking number UX400398397CH and when I try to do it seems to me pending when in all my purchases before the 22 days of made the purchase was in my possession.
    What is it?

  • HelperHelper Club Members Posts: 267 admin

    @Juan Carlos Davi If you have not already done so please contact HobbyKing Customer Services:

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