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F2A-3 Buffalo 36" plane

Marlin FrakesMarlin Frakes Club Members Posts: 1

I just bought this plane from you folks. There are no assembly instructions with the plane. I Need to know what the CG point is...Can you help me?

Marlin Frakes
[email protected]
Ph. 303-978-0368 Cel. 303-906-9887


  • HobbyKing_CEOHobbyKing_CEO Club Members Posts: 128 admin

    Hi @Marlin Frakes the manual is under the files tab on the product page of the website. Here's a link to it directly:

    The CG is on page 11. It's also on the front of the product page:

    The reason Durafly don't put a manual in the box is to keep costs down (which they pass on to you) and to help the bring the product to market faster.

    All the best :) Happy Flying!

  • Martin HofferMartin Hoffer Club Members Posts: 1

    I had to remove the motor from a buffalo. Of course the six washers came off. What is the correct position of the washers to make the motor point down right as intended? Six to the top right position (as seen from the front of the plane), or is it two packs of three washers each to any other positions?

    Regards, Martin

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