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What is the best way to mount a 2200AHr S3 Battery into a 1st. edition Bixler?

Steven GlazzardSteven Glazzard Club Members Posts: 3

Hi folks, I've just "recovered" my Bixler from a corn field, 6 months after having to crash it into this field, due to what I suspect was the battery managing to break loose and move around inside the fuselage, (Upset the C. of G.), needless to say that the lipo and motor are "no good" now! So, my thoughts are: 1. Due to comments made within my club that the aircraft felt under-powered, any recommendations for a motor/prop combination. 2. I'm future-proofing my battery purchase and intend on fitting a 2200 S3 instead of a 2200 S2 battery, (thinking that I just might use the new battery in a latter model). And finally, can anyone suggest a "Foam Friendly Filler" please, as it seems that the Field Mice have had a bit of a nibble at the canopy and some of the wing leading edges. Many thanks.

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  • Steven GlazzardSteven Glazzard Posts: 3
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    Many thanks lads. Much appreciated. Batteries are now on order, engine, I'll see what I've already got. (1400KV x 3S battery means in-excess of i5,000 r.p.m?)


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