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Remove Inlet Extension from DR Madthrust 40mm EDF?

Duane LewisDuane Lewis Club Members Posts: 2

I just bought a couple of these and they come with an inlet extension section which makes the unit 2x as long as shown in the photo. The inlet ring is separate and looks like it is supposed to press fit on so I assume the extension section is also press fit. Has anyone figured out how to remove the extension? I have tried pulling, twisting, and heating with no luck. I don't want to get things out of round and mess it up before even getting it installed. thanks.


  • Duane LewisDuane Lewis Club Members Posts: 2

    Hey Gang, As an update I was finally able to remove the extension tubes. Apparently they are not just press fit but also glued. I used a combination of a heat gun and some 'Goo Gone' sprayed on the seam where the extension fits on. I was eventually able to get the extensions pulled off without damaging anything.

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