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Diagnose z-axis fail on Fabrikator Mini v2

BART BBART B Club Members Posts: 1

Hi, I recently started to have problems with z-axis movement in my Fabrikator Mini v2.

Just after I turn the printer on from "cold" the z-axis moves correctly, but when it warms up a bit the z-axis threaded rod just wobbles instead of making full turns (jitters/oscillates - it is hard to choose correct word to describe the behaviour).
It looks like that the rod doesn't want to rotate and just rotates a few degreed right and left and the z-axis platform stays in place.
I'm sue that the z-axis isn't jammed, because I disassembled it whole, leaving motor without any load and the motor doesn't rotate too.

This happens both while printing and "manual" positioning of hot end using "Manual Controls" in Repetier Host.
When z-axis movement is failing I'm still able to operate with x and y axis, so this is not a communication issue.

From my thinking two different parts can be failing - motor or z-axis driver on the PCB board.
Please help me found what is causing the z-axis to jitter.
Do you have any suggestions how I can diagnose if it's a motor or driver failure.

BR Bart

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