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sabertoth modification

shachar namerishachar nameri Club Members Posts: 2

to the experts,
i wany to modify my brushless sabertooth.
what can you recomand to do?
this is my first rc car and my knowledge and understanding is almost zero.
change fluids? engine change ? shock, springs ?



  • Robert WindsorRobert Windsor Club Members Posts: 5

    Spare parts like spur gear are impossible to get. Been waiting since May2018 for the spur gears to come into stock. If you modify your saber then you run the risk of breaking parts that hobbyking can’t provide. I’ve recently bought a competitor truck because I just couldn’t get critical parts for my sabertooth which make it undrivable. Sell it and buy something that suits your needs better and has spare parts!

  • shachar namerishachar nameri Club Members Posts: 2

    can you contact me in PM on facebook about it ?
    shachar nameri

  • Yorman MirabalYorman Mirabal Club Members Posts: 5

    Hey guys I smashed my sabertooth and a rear shaft got lost, I wanted to get a pair from Hobbyking and they are out of stock, so I'm thinking to use the front CVD (which are in stock) as replacements , is that possible? to use the hole cvd in the rear train? or... is there any other alternative for the rear shaft of the basher sabertooth? Is a great truck but hobbyking is getting very short with the spare parts

  • Yorman MirabalYorman Mirabal Club Members Posts: 5

    By the way I upgraded mine with a Hobbywing 150A Esc and an engine same as the Arrma Kraton and even with 4s is a blast, haven't tried 6s cause my driving skill need to improve first. I also recommend a faster maybe stronger servo and fill the diffs with oil. I use 500K center , 100k front and 50k rear

  • chiptaker761chiptaker761 Club Members Posts: 2

    Yes Robert windsor...I'm searching for something else because HK never have parts for my saber tooth which is only two months old....wish I knew then what I know now huh??

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