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Fan/Motor combo - seeking input

William StefankoWilliam Stefanko Club Members Posts: 1

I'm working on a project that doesn't really fall under the usual RC-type applications that a normal customer would probably come to this site for. Without going into details, I'm looking to power a ducted fan (50 - 70mm) for only a few seconds at the highest RPM possible. I'd likely be powering this from a 9-10V power source. A brushless motor with ESC would be overboard for my application, in my opinion.

Would these two "go together?":

I haven't used parts like this before. The only compatibility issue I think I could see if if the shaft diameter is off (as per the specs, the fan handles 3.17mm to 4mm and the motor shaft is 3.175mm. So it seems like it should fit just fine?)

Also, generally speaking - what is the tolerance on the voltage for something like this over such a short amount of time? The specs on that motor read 9.6V. I'd imagine 10V for 2-5 seconds wouldn't be a problem?

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