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$10 discount code

Ok, so just placed a order and tried to use my $10 discount code i received.
It did not work, i placed the order anyways and when i spoke to MAY on live chat she told me it required a minimum of $40 order, well non of that is mentioned in the email. i copy and pasted the discount email to her and she said she has esculated it to her supervisor.
I then asked her when i would know when this issue has been resolved and i got the following reply.
Please try again within 24 hours.
is this a way for Hobbyking to generate more orders ?? i am not impressed. Why should i be forced to try again within 24 hours and this means another purchase, I was going to make one this month again but not within 24hrs !!!!



  • mgkingofhobbiesmgkingofhobbies Club Members Posts: 4 mod

    Hello, Grant! Sorry to hear that! One of our customer service representatives has sent you an update on how we could help you with your new code.

    Thank you,
    HobbyKing Support

  • g00semang00seman United KingdomClub Members Posts: 344 ✭✭

    Hi There,

    How have they sent me a notification?


  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,255 ✭✭✭

    Pigeon. Heh heh!

  • g00semang00seman United KingdomClub Members Posts: 344 ✭✭

    I have no emails giving any updates, and it says my code is invalid

  • g00semang00seman United KingdomClub Members Posts: 344 ✭✭

    Well yet another day and no email or contact from CS, and funny but i cant find this discussion within the normal forum, the only way is go via my notifications, Hmmmmm not into conspiracies but funny how its not visable anymore,

  • AlexXxAlexXx Club Members Posts: 3

    Hi! I totally agree with g00seman, I also got the $10 code which is not working.
    Moreover, I also participated in October's promotion "Buy on $100 or more, get $25 discount code". I got the code on email and it was not working then. :D
    You send wrong codes every time.
    Online support is useless with these issues. They can only say "Please wait for our answer to your email". But what if person are planning to buy something that a low in stock and will be sold out in 24 hours? Just give the live chat agents possibility to resolve this issues immediately or do the refund later. Just in terms of banal logic, it's your fault, not bona fide customer. I know that under the terms and conditions you can cancel all this at just every moment, but that was your deal offer, well then it's your responsibility to make it working. Not just "You have to pay now, but later we are not responsible for anything".
    Or at least give the store credit later (but this is not very cool really).
    You should do something with your code generator. It's not in synchronization with your website.
    Please, do something with this. This is really annoying and frustrating to get wrong codes every time.

  • AlexXxAlexXx Club Members Posts: 3
    edited December 2018

    Update to my previous comment about wrong codes, for the great justice.

    After posting the comment I submitted a support request on about my problems with the discount code. Then I got a reply to my email within 6 (six) hours from Christian S. of HobbyKing Support Team. The advice was typing code manually (not copy/paste from the email). And guess what? It was working! Christian also attached the screenshot where he checked this code by himself to make sure that it is working. So, basically the code was correct this time and support agent honestly and quickly did his job.

    The problem is that somehow the code was being copied incorrectly during copy/paste. Because of the code in email is placed in separate small HTML block with the link, and it's really tricky to select it correctly for copying.
    So, basically, the code was correct and the reply from support was really quick and helpful. Thank you, Christian S. and HobbyKing Team.

    But the story was a little bit different with October's discount code. The code was really wrong. I tried to type it manually myself (unlike the last time) before contacting support that time with no success. Then I contacted with Live Chat, and support agent created request for me on (like this time I did myself). After about 2.5 days (60 hours) I received the email from Dysebel Lancion (HobbyKing Support Centre) with new code that was correct this time.

    So, my own personal experience now shows that the support is useful and the codes are working (or replaced when wrong) despite some misunderstandings. Maybe sometimes you should wait some time for this, but within a reasonable. You can create yourself requests for help on if you have questions or need help, and you will get it.
    I would like to thank HobbyKing Team for their help.

  • g00semang00seman United KingdomClub Members Posts: 344 ✭✭

    Well i typed it in and copied and pasted and neither worked:(
    I have opened a CS Request, and got asked to send them the email i got so they can test it, even though i have done this twice already on live support.
    And since i sent them the email early yesterday morning no response, i assume it because its the weekend, pity as i have items in my basket and refuse to purchase them until this is resolved lol
    its about the principle to be honest, dont offer something and then make it hard for a customer to be able to use it.
    They have been going for long enough now to not be having these simple issues still.


  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,255 ✭✭✭

    One would like to think so Goose...but alas, no. Same thing with the website though. Over two years now since it was destroyed. And I have genuinely offered to fix what the other 'highly qualified' web 'teams' from all over the world patently cannot do, for free to no avail. Seems they just muddle on through and have so far only got to page 8 of Magento For Dummies.

  • g00semang00seman United KingdomClub Members Posts: 344 ✭✭

    Well had another email off CS , and what a surprise, 4th request for the email i received. i cannot believe how bad CS has got now, its obviousely a case of we have the customer base so who cares.


  • mgkingofhobbiesmgkingofhobbies Club Members Posts: 4 mod
    edited December 2018

    Hello, Grant. One of our customer service representatives has replied to your email and we have generated a new code for you.

    We need the following info to investigate why the previous code didn't work for you - A screenshot showing the following in the same page. Please send this in our existing email.

    1) Items in your cart and quantity (I noticed we received only a screenshot of the product total);
    2) Link of the website;
    3) and Timestamp.

    Please try your new discount code and we'll do our best to find the root cause why your previous code didn't work.

    HobbyKing Support

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