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Nylon filament

calistocalisto Club Members Posts: 2

I bought this filament:
It does not specify the specifications: recommended temperature, printing speed, temperature of the bed, etc. I have tested several recommended specifications for nylon in general and the results are bad. It takes off from the bed, is very deformed and it is impossible to print a piece unless it is very small. Therefore, a pull of ears for hobiking .... the products have to include a label where detail everything necessary. Therefore, I do not recommend anyone to buy this product.



  • Nick_HKNick_HK Club Members Posts: 89 ✭✭

    Have you tried the settings suggested on the product listing? Also, what printer are you using?

  • calistocalisto Club Members Posts: 2

    Copy of the hobbyking page:
    Filament Material: PA Nylon
    Melting Point: 250°C
    Print Temperature: 250-275°C

    This is very poor information. They should provide more specifications on the material. Also the material coil does not put anything.
    Printer: Anet A6

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