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Translation help

Hartmut WagenerHartmut Wagener Club Members Posts: 25

i somtimes ran over german translations of decriptions and titles that are very confusing, sometimes funny.

As an example :

In german the title is "FlyCat EDF Foam Jet sehr schnell (Freisprecheinrichtung)". It tells me that this jet has a thing included to use my phone without the need to put it to my ear...

The original text is "Super Fast FlyCat 56mm EDF Jet (KIT)" The KIT was translated as "Freisprecheinrichtung", it should be "Bausatz".

There is an other translation problem on the page, it is inside the "Aircraft"-Part. Aircraft ist translated as "Luftfahrt", OK, may be a possible translation, but perhaps "Flugzeuge" or "Luftfahrzeuge" will be a better translation. But the worst tranlation is "All planes" to "Alle Ebenen". OK, a plane may be an "Ebene", but in this case the meant thing is "Alle Flugzeuge".

If you are interested in more translation help and hints, please let me know.


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